Ordering Instructions for Transcripts and Diplomas 


Option 1:  Complete a DSBN Transcript & Diploma Request Form


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Used for Official Transcripts, Replacement Diplomas, and Unofficial Working Copies of Transcripts

Note:  If mailing to multiple addresses, enter “See attached list” and provide the mailing addresses in the email that the form and your proof of ID are attached to.

If ordering copies for College or University:
Include the full mailing address with the name of the department where the Transcript is to be directed.

Include any reference/student/application number for the college or university if you have one.

If the college or university has the option to receive scanned transcripts as place holders until the hard copy arrives in the post, include the admissions email address

DO NOT FORGET to include your proof of ID along with your DSBN Transcript & Diploma Request Form. Forms received without proof of ID will not be processed until the proof of ID is submitted. The scan/photo/photocopy of your proof of ID must be legible to be accepted.

Submitting the Transcript & Diploma Request Form:

  • If submitting the form via email:

    Send Request Form and Proof of ID to:  transcripts@dsbn.org.

    • Proof of ID can be sent as an attachment by scanning or taking a digital photograph. PDF or JPG files are preferred.
    • Once your records have been located you will be sent instructions via email on how to remit payment using DSBN School Cash Online.
  • If submitting the form via mail or courier:

    Send the Request Form, Proof of ID, and Money Order to:

    Attention: Transcript Services
    District School Board of Niagara
    191 Carlton Street
    St. Catharines, ON, L2R 7P4

    • Please ensure that your handwriting is legible to avoid delays or errors.
    • Your proof of ID must be clearly photocopied and easy to read.
      • Only the front side with your legal name and date of birth is required.
    • Payment must be included as a money order payable to the “District School Board of Niagara”
  • If submitting the form in person:
  • This submission option is currently unavailable

    Walk-in Applications cannot be received as the Education Centre is closed to the public due to Public Health Protocols related to the Covid-19 pandemic.


    Option 2:  When applying to Ontario based Colleges/Universities On-Line via OCAS/OUAC

    If applying for College or University in Ontario, you can apply and request your Transcripts via one of the two application services:

    OCAS (Ontario College Application Service)

    OUAC (Ontario University Application)

    OCAS and OUAC provide the fastest service for post-secondary institutions in Ontario to receive your Official Transcript. You will be able to track the status of your post-secondary application and transcript request through your OCAS/OUAC account.

    When applying to Ontario Colleges or Universities through OCAS or OUAC, former DSBN students will have the option to order a transcript as part of the online registration process.  The Official Transcript fee ($20) will be added to the on-line application and processed directly by OCAS or OUAC.  OCAS/OUAC will forward your Official Transcript to your college/university choices.  When you apply to more than three colleges or three universities, OCAS/OUAC will advise if you require additional copies of your Official Transcript and any related additional fees.

    For the OCAS/OUAC Application process, you will require your Ontario Education Number (OEN), which can be found on your report cards or previous transcripts.  For students who attended school prior to 2002 (i.e. before OEN existed) or do not know their OEN, please enter nine zeroes (000-000-000) in the OEN section during your application.