Ordering Instructions


  1. Complete Transcript and Diploma Request Form

    Official Copies of secondary school transcripts are required for Colleges, Universities, Employment, or Personal Records. Payment must be made when the form is submitted, along with proof of identification.

    • Accepted forms of payment are VISA, Master Card, Cash, and Money Order.
    • Payment CANNOT be made by Debit, Visa-Debit or AMEX.

    Working Copies of secondary school transcripts, are not official copies, and can be faxed directly to Secondary School schools and Adult Education Facilities at no charge, provided the school is willing to accept them.

    To request your secondary school transcript and or diploma, complete and submit a Transcript & Diploma Request Form. The form is available as a blank printable PDF form OR an on-line fillable PDF form.

    Completed forms must be submitted to the DSBN Record Centre by e-mail, fax, postal mail, courier, in person, or by a third party authorized by the student on the Request Form. Details for each of these options are included on the Request Form.

    DO NOT FORGET to include a copy of your ID along with your Transcript & Diploma Request Form. Forms received without ID will not be processed until the ID is submitted. The copy of your ID must be legible to be accepted.

    • If submitting the form via email, the ID can be sent as an attachment by scanning or taking a digital photograph.
    • If submitting the form via fax, the ID must be photocopied in high contrast to be included with the request form.
    • If submitting the form in person, please bring your ID with you.

    Official Transcripts and Diplomas can be mailed via Canada Post, or the requester can choose to be called to pick the document up when it is ready. Official transcripts and Diplomas cannot be sent to students via email or fax.

    When ordering transcripts directly from the DSBN to be sent to a university or college:

    • It is the responsibility of the former student to provide Records Centre staff with the full mailing address of the university or college and the department where the transcript must be sent.
    • If you have an application number from the university or college, include it with the address of the university or college.
  2. Transcripts required for Post-Secondary Application in ONTARIO (OCAS/OUAC)

    If planning to attend College or University in Ontario, request your Transcripts via a Post-Secondary Application Service (OCAS or OUAC). This is the fastest method for post-secondary institutions in Ontario to receive your transcript.

    If you are a former student of the District School Board of Niagara, and are applying online to an Ontario university or college through OUAC (Ontario University Application Centre) or OCAS (Ontario College Application Service), you must order your transcript as part of their online registration process.

    University application: http://www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-105/ 

    College application: http://www.ontariocolleges.ca/home 

    OCAS and most Universities require that your transcript be sent from the Records Centre.

    When registering on the OUAC/OCAS website, your transcript fee ($20) will be added to your application fee and will be processed via the payment options available (i.e. credit card).

    Students who attended school prior to 2002 will not have an OEN (Ontario Education Number). You will need to enter nine zeroes (000-000-000) in the OEN section, if you do not have an assigned number or if you do not know your OEN.

    You only need to request one high school transcript and OUAC/OCAS will forward your transcript to all of your university/college choices. If you are applying to more than three universities or more than three colleges, you will be informed by OCAS or OUAC, if you need to request more copies.

    If you graduated from a secondary school this year, and then completed credits during summer school, those marks/credits will be electronically transmitted from your home school to OCAS and OUAC after mid-August.

    You will be able to track on-line the status of your application and transcript request through your OUAC/OCAS account.