Arrival and Orientation

Step 1 Arrange for Arrival 

All NEW students to the DSBN must make and attend an appointment at the DSBN Welcome Centre before starting school. Please follow the steps below.

(RETURNING students to the DSBN do NOT need to make an appointment at the Welcome Centre before starting school.)

  • Contact the DSBN Welcome Centre at to communicate your arrival plans (e.g. flight date) and to book an orientation & assessment appointment for a time during the week before school starts.
  • Ensure your passport is valid for the period of intended stay in Canada.
  • Obtain an up-to-date immunization record issued by a physician. Follow instructions on what to submit for the immunization record. 
  • Arrange for healthcare insurance coverage effective in Canada for the period of intended stay at the DSBN. It is the student’s/family’s responsibility to purchase and maintain adequate insurance while studying at the DSBN. Healthcare insurance can be purchased with the assistance of a Student Support Service Provider in Niagara or can be purchased directly with an insurance company by the student/family. It is the sole responsibility of the student/family to choose which provider is used, as DSBN does not recommend any insurance provider.

    Typical insurance providers for international students are:
    Student Guard Insurance -
    Ingle Insurance - 

  • Communicate arrival plans (e.g., flight date/time) with your Student Support Service Provider  (where applicable), and your host family and arrange airport transfer.
  • Upon arrival at Canada Customs and Immigration at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, provide your immigration documents to a Canadian immigration officer.

Step 2 Attend Orientation and Assessment 

  • Attend your scheduled appointment at the Welcome Centre, located at the DSBN Education Centre, to be greeted by welcoming staff who will help with you settling in to the school and community.
  • Complete the STEP (English) assessment and a mathematics assessment to ensure proper program placement and the provision of supports that may be needed for school success.
  • Bring the following required documents to your appointment: 
    • Study Permit (if applicable).
    • Passport (with Visa if applicable) or birth certificate.
    • Letter of Acceptance from DSBN showing fees are paid in full.
    • Official transcripts/school records for current and previous 2 years, in English (if translated, must be notarized).
    • Proof of healthcare insurance coverage (for period of study) effective in Canada.
    • Up-to-date immunization record in English issued by a physician (if translated, must be notarized).
    • The two custodial documents (pages 1 and 2) notarized if a custodian is appointed by the family. Click to find the two custodial documents.

Step 3 Register For and Start School 

  • After attending the Welcome Centre, visit your designated school to register, as directed
  • For secondary school, you will meet with the Academic Guidance Counsellor to discuss your course selections and receive a school timetable.
  • If there are any changes to circumstances during your study period at the DSBN, notify the Principal of the school and the DSBN Welcome Centre at for example:
    • Change of address
    • Change of host family
    • Change of custodianship (in Niagara)
    • Change in healthcare insurance coverage
    • Change in immigration status