Program Options

The District School Board of Ontario offers the following International Student Program options at

Secondary School and Elementary School: 

  1. why choose dsbn - students

    Placement in Secondary School for students seeking to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Students will be in Grades 9-12 and typically aged 14 - 17 years. Your transcript of courses completed at your previous school(s) will form the basis for which courses can be counted for equivalency (transfer) credits toward the OSSD. To earn secondary school credits, you must attend full semesters at a time (Sep-Jan) and/or (Feb-Jun), i.e. you cannot start or finish part-way through a semester and earn any credits.

    Course Offerings: If you have a strong interest in a particular subject area, such as the arts, music, or technology, you may want to look at the course offerings for a particular school, but you will need to consider also your need for ESL credit courses at selected schools. Course offerings at all DSBN Secondary Schools can be found here.


  2. Elementary Students

    Placement in Elementary School for students seeking to attend Elementary School. Students will be in Grades K-8 and typically aged 4/5 to 13 years. Students younger than 10 years of age are expected to live with a parent in the Niagara Region due to the support they need at such a delicate, young age. Students may start at any time throughout the year provided they attend for at least one-half year  (5 mos.). 


  3. Placement in Elementary or Secondary School for a short term for a cultural or language experience.
    For a short-term cultural/language experience, students must attend for at least one-half year (5 mos.). Citizenship and Immigration Canada states that if the main intention of attending is to start and finish a program within 6 months, a study permit is not required. Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information.  To attend for a period of less than 5 mos., students must be part of a group integration program organized by an approved agent and approved by the DSBN. See more details in the section on Group Cultural Experience.