School Placement Options

School Placement

All schools in the District School Board of Niagara offer the high quality curriculum set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education. 

All secondary schools offer a range of Academic courses (university preparation) and Applied courses (college or vocational preparation).

You will need to consider the following two factors in identifying the appropriate school placement as an international student:

1. Your Level of Need for ESL Support 

All DSBN schools offer ESL support at varying levels. 

Of its 18 secondary schools, DSBN designates 4 of these schools as locations with comprehensive ESL support. These 4 schools offer the appropriate level of ESL support for international students which may include credit courses that are counted toward the Grade 12 diploma (OSSD).

Of its 79 elementary schools, DSBN designates 9 of its elementary schools as ESL-sites.  (See Our Schools section). 

If your English-language proficiency is at a beginner to intermediate level, you are strongly advised to attend one of these ESL-site schools to receive a comprehensive level of ESL support. Moreover, free school-bus transportation from your home address in Niagara to/from school,  if not within walking distance, will be provided to attend the ESL-site program.

As an international student, you will be required to visit our Welcome Centre upon your arrival to have an orientation and English assessment. The assessment results will indicate if a school with a comprehensive level of  ESL support is recommended. Please note that the DSBN reserves the right to assign the final school placement.

School Placement22.  Your Home Address in Niagara 

As is required for all DSBN students, you are required to attend the school that is designated according to your home address in Niagara. For every address, there will be a designated Regular-site school and a site with a comprehensive level of ESL support. You will choose from among the two options depending on your level of need for ESL support.

You may wish to select your preferred school first, then ask the homestay coordinator to assist you in locating a homestay within the boundary of that school, OR, you may ask that DSBN assign the appropriate school based on the home address you are given by the homestay coordinator. You will specify your preferred approach when you complete the International Student Application Form.

To find the designated Regular-site and ESL-site schools for any home address in Niagara, visit and select Schools>School Locator. Enter the home address including street and city, your intended grade level, and then take note of the names of the designated schools for that boundary.

The DSBN reserves the right to decide school placement for any student, in its sole discretion.